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PQ12 Series Micro Linear Actuators

The PQ12 series of micro linear actuators are ideal for applications requiring precise positioning and compact size. The PQ12 is available with end of stroke limit switches or with linear feedback along the full length of stroke. A complete closed loop system can be realized with the addition of an LAC board.

“S” Series: These units are operated by reversing polarity on pin 2&3 of the actuator’s flat cable. The “S” series has end of stroke limit switches to that will turn off the unit if it runs into its end stop.These can be run with a DPDT switch, relay or brushed DC motor controller. The PQ12-S is available in 6v or 12v (except "R" series which is 6v only)

“P” Series: The “P” series actuators offer no built-in controller, but do provide an analog position feed­back signal that can be input to an exter­nal controller. The “P” series can plug directly into our Linear Actuator Control Board (LAC) to give the “P” series the ability to be controlled with USB (via our Configuration Utility Software), 0-5v, 4-20mA, RC Servo or PWM. On board adjustment of speed, sensitivity and stroke limits are also available via the LAC. The PQ12-P is available in 6v or 12v.

“R” Series: The PQ12-R series of linear servos operate as a direct replacement for standard rotary servos. They use the same standard 3 wire connector, ground power and control. Regardless of how you drive your servos, be it with an RC receiver, an Arduino board, or a VEX micro-controller, the PQ12-R servo will function in place of a regular servo, but with the added benefit of providing linear motion. The PQ12-R is available in a 20mm stroke coupled with gear ratio options of 30:1, 63:1 and 100:1 cover a large variety of applications.

Pricing is in US dollars

NOTE: The PQ12-R will not operate with Futaba receivers like the R6014FS that output 2.7 volts. You will need a Smart Fly Power Expander or Orbit Power Jack to bring the signal level up to 5vdc for the PQ12-R to operate.