Based in
Victoria BC Canada, Actuonix Motion Devices Inc is a private company dedicated to providing innovative and economical solutions for the growing needs of the emerging consumer electronics and commercial robotics markets. In business since 2005, Actuonix is a leading manufacturer and innovator in the micro motion marketplace.
Actuonix designs and manufactures it's own line of micro DC linear actuators and linear servos to drive a new generation of compact robots, R/C models, and motion-enabled consumer products.

Over a decade in business:
Actuonix has been leader in affordable micro motion devices for over a decade. We are a favorite with hundreds of tech companies worldwide and provide solutions to some of the largest names in the tech industry today.

We have more models: 146 models with more lines in development! More voltage options, more stroke lengths, more gearing options…..

More input types for more flexibility in how you drive our devices.

95% of our 146 models are in stock at any time. Not just pretty pictures, we have them in stock!

At cost shipping: We work hard with our carriers to get the best shipping rates possible, then pass the savings on to you!

Fast shipping: We ship worldwide all in stock orders every day Monday-Friday at 2PM PST. We know as a developer, inventor or maker time is money so we won’t keep you waiting for your order.

Responsive, real people to talk to: Our staff strives to answer every email every day Monday-Friday. Or you can call us with your questions, we are always glad to help you select the right model for your application. Line busy? Leave a message and we’ll call you back! Yes anywhere.

Custom Designs for OEMs: We manufacture custom micro motion solutions for dozens of well-known OEMs. Call us with your needs and see what we can do for you! MOQs may apply.

Affordable: All of our 146 models are under $100US and we have bulk and educational discounts available.

Tested reliability: We test every single actuator before it is packaged and leaves our facility.

Contact us at or 1-888-225-9198

Firgelli Automations is a different company from Actuonix (formerly Firgelli Technologies), and can be contacted at or 1-866-226-0465.

Any actuator part number starting with "FA" is a Firgelli Automations part, please contact them for orders and technical support for their products.