Earlier this year, we launched a scholarship program for engineering students. Our aim was to give back to the engineering community by supporting talented young engineers who had trouble meeting their financial needs for school. 

Our goal is to promote education in the various engineering disciplines and make it more accessible to young women and men who might be considering it as a career path.

We offered two scholarships of $1000 each. We are excited to announce that we have selected the recipients for the 2017 year - Samuel Akinwande and Martin Freeman. 

Samuel Akinwande

engineering scholarship

Samuel is a rising sophomore in mechanical engineering at the University of Houston. A dedicated student and talented young man, he was accepted there at just 16 years old. 

He is currently under a National Science Foundation research grant to develop a torque-sensing device for a pediatric exoskeleton. Previously he has worked at the Texas Heart Institute as a research assistant on the design of a minimally invasive ventricular assist device.

Samuel is definitely going places and we're excited to be part of his journey.

Martin Freeman

engineering scholarship

Martin provided us with the bio below.

"I am a robotics enthusiast from Newark, New Jersey currently studying mechanical engineering at the University of British Columbia with a focus on the field of mechatronics. With BC’s beautiful landscapes situated right in my backyard, I love to get out as much as I can by foot, boat, kayak or even motorcycle to keep my life balanced and my mind centered. Building and taking things apart is a recurring process I’ve nested into quite comfortably over my life, so I am always looking forward to what new project I can get my hands on next to diversify my skill set. 

Since the start of my degree, I have been fortunate enough to get the chance to apply my aptitude for robotics in several interesting start-up companies, and look forward to helping bring humanity to space this next spring through my internship at spaceflight company Blue Origin. Both space and robotics are two industries I am eager to break into and I am looking forward to soon pursuing graduate studies to learn everything I can. Opportunities like the Actuonix scholarship program help young engineers like myself keep the fire alive and pursue the most prodigious of dreams, and for that I am extremely grateful."

We want to thank everybody who took the time to apply for this award. Because of a post we made on Reddit a few months back we were inundated with applications and it was a pleasure to read through them and see the amazing things that young engineers are working on.