Actuonix at D&M West 2024 in Anaheim
As a leading manufacturer of linear actuators and actuator control systems, Actuonix fits right in at D&M West. Our linear actuators fall under the category of motion control products, and are broadly used in many applications across all industries represented at the show. We were pleased to see a few clients there and meet with some design engineers who have experience working with Actuonix products in the past.

New Products

We used the show as an opportunity to present a couple of new products. our P8 line of micro stepper actuators was on display as well as our P8-P and P8-S DC models. These actuators were released late last year and are gaining momentum in the market. We also gave attendees a sneak peek of our new T20 line of stepper track actuators. These actuators compliment our T20 line nicely and will be a great choice for clients needing a track actuator with higher life expectancy and higher precision than a DC actuator can offer. 

New Applications

One thing that we enjoy about attending these shows is being able to interact with so many people who are on the cutting edge of new technologies. Being in the motion and automation space, we're fortunate to get a front-line view into some innovative and disruptive technologies that have serious potential to change the way that key tasks are performed. It's rewarding working with engineers and product designers working in industries that are ripe for disruption and advancement.

Looking Forward

We're excited to announce that we have secured our space at D&M West for 2025! We had a great time at the show and we're hoping to connect with more of you next year. At Actuonix Motion Devices, we work hard to deliver groundbreaking micro linear motion solutions while cultivating long-term relationships with our clients. Trade shows are an important part of this effort, as they allow us to interact directly with current and potential clients, while staying in-tune with what's happening in a number of industries.

Working with Actuonix

While trade shows are a great place to meet, interact and build relationships, we are open to chat about potential micro linear applications any time. If you're considering integrating our micro linear actuators into your product, we'd love to talk with you about how to make that happen. We occupy a unique space in the market in that our products are tiny, powerful, and also affordable. We also make working with us easy by offering a development discount for those working on a new product design. We also offer a custom actuator design service to build the exact micro linear actuator that you need for your application. We offer the largest selection of affordable micro linear actuators on the market. If you have any questions about our products, please reach out to our sales department.

Browse Actuators From Actuonix Today

If you're interested in integrating Actuonix Motion Devices products into your next design, we'd love to hear from you. View our collection of actuators by model or industry today. As a leading manufacturer and innovator in the micro motion marketplace, Actuonix services companies big and small across many of industries including aerospace, medical, robotics, and more. Get in touch with us today, we'll be happy to answer any questions you have.