Actuonix Engineering Scholarship Program

Applications are now closed for 2021

Congratulations to this year's scholarship recipient, Marina Chamsi!

Actuonix Motion Devices is excited to announce the launch of our scholarship program. This program was started as a way for us to give back to the engineering community by helping talented young engineers meet their financial needs. Our goal is to promote education in the various engineering disciplines and make it more accessible for young men and women considering it as a career path. Actuonix is offering a scholarsrhip of $500USD.


In order to be eligible for the scholarship, applicants must meet all of the following requirements.

  • Must be enrolled in an engineering program at a recognized American or Canadian post-secondary institution.
  • Applicants must be willing to submit an example of a past project that they have worked on related to robotics, mechatronics or mechanical automation. Include a description of your project with it's intended use and any photos and videos that you have available. Use your discretion here, if you have an interesting project that doesn't fall exactly within these parameters but you think it might still be relevant, go ahead and submit it anyways. Please submit your project either in pdf format or if it's already online, send a link in the body of your email.
  • Applicants must be a citizen of either Canada or the United States.
  • If you have previously received this award, you are not eligible to apply.

Application process

If you meet the above requirements and are interested in applying for the Actuonix Motion Devices Engineering Scholarship, please submit the following:

  • A completed application form.
  • A cover letter (in pdf format) introducing yourself, highlighting any academic achievements, demonstrating financial need and explaining why we should choose you for this scholarship.
  • Past project information as described in the 'eligibility' section above.

When you have all of the required information, please submit by email to the Actuonix Motion Devices Marketing Department.

Incomplete applications will not be considered.

Selection Process

The successful applicant will be determined by Actuonix Motion Devices based on academic achievements, future potential and financial need. All decisions are final and no appeals will be considered.

This year's deadline for submissions is Friday, July 2nd, 2021
Winners will be notified no later than Friday, July 9th, 2021

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