Linear Actuators For Medical Devices

Linear Actuator Systems For Healthcare Applications

medical actuators

Linear actuators can be found in many different applications throughout the healthcare industry. Though you can not necessarily see them, they're quietly performing key functions behind the scenes to keep us healthy. There are many applications for micro linear actuators within the medical industry ranging from simple tasks through to more sophisticated applications that require high force, precise movement and small sizes.

Finding the best micro linear actuator is can be a challenge for product designers, but it is critical to the success of a medical device. There are several different medical actuators on the market to choose from, unfortunately the majority of them are astronomically expensive.

At Actuonix Motion Devices, we have been working with leading medical device manufacturers for years. Top companies choose to continue working with Actuonix because we are able to produce reliable micro linear actuators for their medical devices at a fraction of the cost of other manufacturers.

We carry over 160 unique models to help ensure we have the best actuator for integrating into your device. Of course off-the-shelf products will not suit every application, so we offer a custom linear actuator service to companies that have specific needs for stroke length, force, control and mounting. We can make minor changes to stroke, force, cable length and connector type with a MOQ of 500.

medical actuators

The healthcare industry is rapidly growing. Hospitals, clinics and laboratories are always looking for ways to reduce their costs while updating equipment. This means that the demand for reliable, cost-effective components is increasing as well.

Some examples of medical applications where Actuonix products are in use:

  • Positioning devices for Esthetic Dentistry
  • Locking mechanisms for vehicle-mounted wheelchair lifts
  • Custom rehabilitation devices
  • Driving the movement in prosthetic limbs
  • Simulators for healthcare education
  • Medical testing devices
  • Microfluidic valve and blister actuation

From prototyping and testing through to full-scale production, Actuonix will be with you every step of the way. Linear motion is all we do and our team of engineers has well over a decade of experience helping our clients integrate linear actuators into their products. Actuonix actuators come in stroke lengths of 10mm - 300mm (0.4" - 11.8") and forces between 9N - 300N (2lbs - 67lbs).

We have been building actuators for the medical industry as well as many others for more than a decade. Our current lineup of products is the result of years of design, testing and revision. Our proven designs can get your next project off the ground at an affordable price.

medical actuators