Linear Actuators For Robotics

Linear Actuators For Robotics

actuators for robotics

Linear actuators are found in thousands of different applications throughout the robotics industry. You might not see them but they're quietly performing key functions behind the scenes to help keep us productive and safe. From competition robots built by FTC and FRC students to robots for manufacturing, testing and simulation. All of that movement is driven by motors and actuators.

Identifying the best robot actuator for use in your device is a challenge for product designers but can be critical to the success of your device. There are many options out there from vacuum to pneumatic and hydraulic actuators and they can get very expensive.

Actuonix Motion Devices has been working with some of the biggest names in manufacturing for years. Top companies choose to work with Actuonix because we are can produce high quality actuators for robotics at a fraction of the cost of other manufacturers. There is no other manufacturer out there who offers the vast selection of low-cost actuators that we do, and we are always developing more. In addition to our current product offering of more than 160 products, we have more than ten new models in development that will be released in coming months.

With more models to choose from than anybody, we probably have a stock product that you can integrate into your device. Of course this won't work for everybody which is why we offer a custom robot actuator design service. We can make changes to our stock products to suit your specifications or design you a completely new device.*

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The robotics industry is rapidly growing. The demand for small sizes and low costs can leave manufacturers looking for ways to save money in their designs. We recognize this need and have developed our product lines to cater to the robotics industry. Actuonix is your best bet for quality, inexpensive actuators for your robotic device.

Below are some robotics applications where our linear actuators are in use:

  • Positioning for simulation devices in the aviation and sports industries.
  • Used for testing touch screens on mobile devices.
  • Driving the movement in robotic hands.
  • Driving robotic arm grabbers.
  • Used in pipe inspection robots.
  • Used for driving controls in experimental aircraft.
  • Dozens of FTC and FRC teams use our robotic actuators to drive their competition robots.

Why work with Actuonix?

We have been in business for nearly 15 years, since we developed the first affordable micro linear actuator in 2004. When you choose to purchase your robotics actuators through Actuonix Motion Devices, you're choosing the established leader in the micro motion industry. From your first prototype right through to full-scale production of your product, we will be there to support you. Actuonix works with dozens of OEM manufacturers including large household names and can help you work through the challenges associated with choosing an actuator for your next robot.

With more than 160 unique models in our lineup, we have more stock products than anybody in the industry. Our lineup ranges in strokes from 10mm-300mm (0.4"-11.8") and forces between 9N-300N (2lbs-67lbs). We will help you choose the best actuator for your application. If you need a solution that falls outside our regular range of products, we do offer a custom micro linear actuator design service.

*Minimum order quantities apply