Automotive Applications For Linear Actuators

Linear actuators are found all throughout production automobiles. They drive some of the basic functions that you enjoy such as opening and closing vent doors, opening and closing sliding and rear doors, engine control and much more. Actuators run behind the scenes controlling key functions to make our driving experience easier and more comfortable.

Actuators are also ideal for use in aftermarket applications. Some people find that they want to add some automation to custom vehicles, hot rods and classics as well as motorcycles. For years, people wishing to customize their cars had limited options to work with. Motors with complicated drive systems, weak rotary servos or expensive micro actuators.

At Actuonix Motion Devices, we have worked with the automotive industry to provide cost-effective solutions for their motion needs. Our customers range from top automotive brands right through to the home-builder and hobbyist.

Our current lineup of actuators boasts more than 160 unique models to ensure that we have the correct device for you. Whether you're in need of a rod actuator or a track actuator for your next product or project, there's a good chance that we carry an affordable, off the shelf solution to satisfy your needs. Need something a little different from what we offer in our store? No problem, we offer a custom linear actuator design service. We can modify an existing product to suit the specifications of your project or work with you to create a completely custom actuator. Minimum order quantities apply.

The automotive industry is not only growing, but is rapidly changing. Manufacturers and hobbyists alike are always on the hunt for new ways to automate functions while keeping development costs low.

Some examples of Automotive applications for our products include:

  • Replacing vacuum-actuated pop-up headlights on classic cars
  • Installing electric pop-out rear windows on older cars
  • Engine idle control for PTO operations
  • Engine idle control for high-performance vehicles
  • Electric interior elements such as glove box or hidden compartments
  • Air intake vent control
  • Motorcycle windscreen automation

From planning right through to implementation, Actuonix will be with you every step of the way. When you choose to install Actuonix Motion Devices in your vehicle, you're choosing a product that's designed our team in Canada and backed by more than a decade in experience. We have the experience to help you choose the best actuator for your project. Actuonix actuators come in stroke lengths of 10mm - 300mm (0.4" - 11.8") and forces between 9N - 300N (2lbs - 67lbs).

We have been designing actuators for the automotive industry as well as others for more than a decade. Our current product lineup is the result of years of designing, testing and revising our designs. Let us help you get your next project off the ground.