Custom Linear Actuators

Custom Linear Actuators

Need a custom micro actuator or servo for your project? We can help!

At Actuonix Motion Devices, we take pride in offering the largest selection of affordable micro linear actuators. With more than 160 models, we have an off-the-shelf solution for most customers. We realize however that some projects require special actuator modifications and configurations. Consider the product offerings on our website to be a starting point. Many of our products can be readily modified to suit specific requirements.

Our team of engineers can work with your specifications to design a product that will fit your project and your budget. We can do anything you need, from a custom wire length or rod tip to a completely new design. Minimum order quantities (MOQ) may vary depending on the level of customization that you require.

Typically we can make modifications to our stock actuators with an MOQ of 500pcs for changes such as:

  • Attaching your choice of electrical connector
  • Changing the length of the connection wire
  • Modifying the position of the limit switches
  • Shortening the stroke of the actuator below our stock products
  • Supplying a custom rod end attachment fitting or shaft end
  • Fitting a non-stock gear ratio motor to alter the speed/force characteristics
  • Fitting a motor with a different operating voltage
  • Substituting the lubricants used to better facilitate low temperature operations

What If I need a greater level of customization?

If you need a more heavily customized device, we can work with you to modify one of our existing designs, or design you a completely new actuator. To make larger modifications that require plastic tooling changes or custom design work, we usually require an MOQ of 2000pcs. This may be greater depending on the job.

What If I only need a custom stroke?

If you do not need 500 units, and only need adjust the stroke length or speed of the device, you have a few options. Our LAC board allows you to set custom end limits and reduce the speed on our P series actuators. The board is $40, or $20 when bought with a P actuator and is an affordable option for customizing small quantities of micro linear actuators. We also offer an external end-limit switch kit which will allow you to set custom end limits.

Linear motion is all we do. Our engineers have the experience to build the custom micro linear actuator that you need quickly to keep your project on-time and on-budget.

Contact us at for more info and to get a quote on your requirements.

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