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Micro Linear Servos For RC And Arduino

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Actuonix L12-R, L16-R and PQ12-R series linear servos operate as a direct replacements for standard analog rotary servos. They use the same standard 3 wire connector, ground, power and signal. Actuonix Motion Devices has 21 models of affordable receiver ready RC linear servos to help you move your RC project! They are designed to work with typical RC receivers and battery packs, and consequently they also are compatible with Arduino control boards, VEX Microcontrollers and many other similar boards designed for robotics.

Our 3 categories of “R” series RC linear servos are:

The PQ12-R Series: Our smallest micro linear servo, the PQ12-R is truly a micro wonder. With it's 20mm stroke and 3 gearing options it can provide forces between 2-11lbs and is small enough to fit in a tic tac box!

The L12-R Series:
Our standard range of micro linear servos come in 3 stroke lengths (30mm,50mm and 100mm) and 3 gearing options for forces between 2-17lbs.

The L16-R series: The big brother to the L12 series, the L16’s larger motor is capable of greater loads and faster speeds than the L12-R series, The L16-R is available in 3 gearing options (50mm, 100mm and 140mm) and 3 gearing options for forces between 10-40lbs.

These micro linear servos are approved by First Tech Challenge and are compatible with their allowed servo controllers

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