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Stepper Motor Linear Actuators

Actuonix is proud to announce that we have several new products in development, including two different styles of stepper motor linear actuators. We will be releasing both a standard rod-style stepper actuator as well as a stepper track actuator. These products are in late-development and are not available for purchase at this time. If you would like to be contacted when our stepper motor actuators are available for purchase, please reach out to us via our contact page and we'd be glad to let you know when they are officially released.

Why Stepper Actuators?

When it comes to actuators, there are several different technologies available today. Traditionally, when customers have chosen to use electric linear actuators rather than pneumatic or hydraulic, they're limited to large or expensive options. We have built our business on providing small-scale linear actuators at an affordable price point. Though our standard line of products are powerful, robust and cost-effective, we have found that more and more customers require a level of accuracy that can not be achieved with a standard DC motor.

This is why we have decided to launch two new lines of products that utilize a NEMA 8 stepper motor. Though we are not yet releasing pricing on these models, we can assure you that as with our other actuators, they will be considerably less expensive than other, similar products on the market.

S20 Stepper Linear Actuator

The S20 is a rod-style actuator that is built off of our popular L12 platform. Rather than using a DC motor and gearbox, this actuator consists of a NEMA 8 motor mounted directly to the actuator shaft. The S20 offers high-precision positioning in a very compact package that is ideal for mounting in tight spaces. The S20 will be available in four different stroke lengths: 15mm (0.59"), 30mm (1.18"), 50mm (1.97") and 100mm (3.93") to ensure that we offer a stepper actuator solution that will work with your design

T20 Stepper Track Actuator

The T20 is a track-style stepper actuator that is a completely new design. As with the S20, the T20 will use a NEMA 8 motor. This motor is mounted to a custom slide rail and block assembly that offers incredibly precise movement along it's stroke. The T20 offers a new solution to designers who need the compact profile and side-load support of a track actuator, combined with the precision of a stepper motor. The T20 will be available in two different stroke lengths: 60mm (2.36") and 120mm (4.72") to suit your design.

When Will These New Models Be Available?

At this time, we are unable to commit to a specific release date. As with all of our products, the S20 and T20 will be the product of rigorous testing and incremental improvement to ensure that we are offering the best product we possibly can. We are unable to offer pricing information at this time.. Any further updates will be posted to this page.