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About Us

Who We Are

We are Actuonix Motion Devices, and we build micro linear actuators and linear servos. Based in Victoria, BC, Canada, we provide innovative and economical micro motion solutions for the growing needs of several markets including robotics, aerospace, automotive, medical and radio control.

Actuonix is a leading manufacturer and innovator in the micro motion marketplace. We strive to offer our clients the most affordable, high quality micro linear actuators. We pride ourselves on great service, fast delivery and more models to choose from than any of our competitors.

Actuonix Motion Devices was originally founded in 2004 under the name Firgelli Technologies Inc. At that time, we were a sister company to Firgelli Automations who sold larger linear actuators while we sold the smaller ones. The two companies have always been independent entities, we just shared the Firgelli name.

In June of 2016 we decided to eliminate the confusion between the two businesses, so we renamed ourselves Actuonix Motion Devices. We were not acquired nor sold, and remain the same company as before, with the same quality products, helpful staff and facilities. We are working hard to develop new micro linear motion products and to create a strong new brand under the name Actuonix Motion Devices Inc.

Our Products

Actuonix offers a complete range of micro linear actuators, linear servos and track actuators to meet the specifications of almost any project. Our line of products features 164 different types of micro linear actuators and servos. New models are always being developed and added to our lineup.
We strive to stock a range of products that will suit any project. We offer actuators in lengths from 0.4inches (10mm) through to 11.8inches (300mm) with maximum forces of up to 67lbs (300N).

In addition, we offer multiples control options to suit your needs. Whether you drive your actuators via Arduino or simple reversing 12V, we've got the device for you.

We are also proud to offer a line of motion devices that are plug and play compatible with most RC receivers as well as a variety of lego kits.

Why Choose Actuonix

There are many reasons to choose Actuonix Motion Devices for your next project including:

We invented the idea

Actuonix developed the first affordable micro linear actuator in 2004. There was nothing like it on the market prior to that.

Over a decade in business

Actuonix has been leader in affordable micro motion devices for over a decade. We are a favorite with hundreds of tech companies worldwide and provide solutions to some of the largest names in the tech industry today.

We have more models

164 models with more lines in development! More voltage options, more stroke lengths, more gearing options.

More input types

Offering you more flexibility in how you drive our devices.

95% of our models are in stock at any time

Not just pretty pictures, we have them in stock!

At cost shipping

We work hard with our carriers to get the best shipping rates possible, then pass the savings on to you!

Fast shipping

We ship worldwide all in stock orders every day Monday-Friday at 2PM PST. We know as a developer, inventor or maker time is money so we won’t keep you waiting for your order.

Responsive, real people to talk to

Our staff strives to answer every email every day Monday-Friday. Or you can call us with your questions, we are always glad to help you select the right model for your application. Line busy? Leave a message and we’ll call you back! Yes anywhere.

Custom designs for OEMs

We manufacture custom micro linear actuators for many well-known OEMs. Call us with your needs and see what we can do for you! Minimum order quantities may apply.


All of our 164 models are under $100US. Additionally, we offer bulk and educational discounts.

Tested reliability

We test every single actuator before it is packaged and leaves our facility.

Contact us today at sales@actuonix.com or 1-888-225-9198 for more information.

Looking for larger actuators?

Firgelli Automations
is a different company from Actuonix (formerly Firgelli Technologies),
and can be contacted at
sales@firgelliauto.com or 1-866-226-0465.

Any actuator part number starting with "FA" is a Firgelli Automations part,
please contact them for orders and technical support for their products.