Micro linear actuators can be found throughout the healthcare industry. You often can not see them in the devices that help keep us healthy but they're discreetly performing critical functions behind the scenes. Medical applications range from simple tasks to more sophisticated, challenging applications that require more precise movement and greater force. 

This industry is projected to see steady growth through 2023. As this industry continues to grow, we are committed to helping manufacturers increase their profits with our ever-increasing line of high-quality linear actuators for medical devices.

Low Cost Actuators For Medical Devices

We all know that the cost of health care is always rising. There are of course many reasons for this but one primary cause is that medical component manufacturers charge hundreds and even thousands of dollars for small linear actuators. These devices are of course high quality and rated for use in the health industry but do these parts really need to be so expensive?

Actuonix Motion Devices takes pride in producing low cost micro linear actuators for medical devices and other applications. For years we have been proving some of the top medical device manufacturers in the world with micro motion devices for testing and positioning as well as many other applications. Our customers are in many different areas of the medical industry including optical, dental, medical devices and prosthetics to name just a few.

Custom Linear Motion Solutions For Medical Industry Applications

At Actuonix, we carry a line of more than 160 unique models to suit your individual needs. It's likely that we have a device that will suit your application right off the shelf. Some manufacturers however require more precise stroke lengths, clevis end-tips, control wires or other custom features. For those companies we offer a custom linear actuator design service.

For years, high-volume manufacturers have trusted Actuonix to provide them with the custom linear motion solution they need. Our custom modifications range from custom cable lengths to different gearing ratios for more powerful micro linear actuators as well as custom stroke lengths and connectors. Whatever it is that you are designing, our team of engineers will work with you to build the perfect linear motion solution for your medical application.

Looking Forward

Micro electric actuator advancements are changing how medical equipment designers approach their designs. Medical institutions are demanding smaller sizes, more power and lower costs. At Actuonix, we have an actuator that will strike the ideal balance of power, size and cost. More models are always in development as we strive to offer the best selection of affordable micro linear actuators for the medical industry.

If you need help choosing an actuator that will suit your application, don't hesitate to contact our sales team. They are happy to assist you in choosing the micro motion device that will best suit your specifications.