Automotive Applications for Linear Actuators
The automotive industry is both growing and rapidly changing. Manufacturers and hobbyists alike are always on the hunt for new ways to automate functions while keeping development costs low.

Linear actuators can be found performing many functions in modern vehicles including cars, RVs and heavy equipment. Linear actuators perform some of the most basic functions of modern vehicles behind the scenes including applying parking brakes, opening and closing vent doors to direct your heat and A/C, opening and closing windows, power tailgates, sliding doors and more. Automotive actuators range from tiny devices integrated into other components through to large actuators that open your SUVs tailgate.

Linear actuators are also becoming popular with enthusiasts who want to add a custom motion element to their vehicle or restore a lost piece of functionality. A common example of this is using actuators to open flip-up headlights that once were controlled by a vacuum system. 

Installing a linear actuator can be a cost-effective solution to your motion problem while avoiding the issues that come with using weak rotary servos, complicated drive systems or super expensive micro actuators.

We enjoy seeing our products integrated into automotive projects. Some of the more common installations we see include:
  • Replacing vacuum-actuated pop-up headlights on classic cars
  • Installing electric pop-out rear windows on older cars
  • Engine idle control for PTO operations
  • Engine idle control for high-performance vehicles
  • Electric interior elements such as glove box or hidden compartments
  • Air intake vent control
  • Motorcycle windscreen automation
  • Electric parking brake conversions

Our 'S' series actuators are ideal more many automotive installations as they're controlled by a simple 2-wire system using reversing polarity. This allows you to use a wide variety of latching or momentary switches, depending on your needs.

If you're considering a adding a custom motion element to your project vehicle, or developing an automotive product that requires linear motion, we would love to hear about your project.

Starting from the planning phase, Actuonix will stick with you every step of the way.. When you choose to install Actuonix Motion Devices in your vehicle, you're choosing a product that's designed by our team in Canada and backed by more than a decade of experience. There are an increasing number of cheaply-made, offshore clones of our products on other sites, but when you buy genuine Actuonix actuators, you're getting an original Canadian design.