How To Use An S Series Micro Linear Actuator With RC

If you're familiar with our products, you may already know that we offer an entire line of linear servos that are plug and play compatible with most RC receivers. These are the PQ12-R, the L12-R and L16-R in their various different gearing ratios. These are ideal for most RC projects that require linear motion.
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Attention All Makers!

Do you love to be create? Maybe you have a great idea for a linear motion project but lacking the cash or motivation to build it. Have you used YouTube, Instructables or another such platform to feature your projects in the past? Actuonix Motion Devices is interested in partnering with YOU.
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Linear Servo Projects

RC linear servos are a plug and play replacement for standard rotary servos. They use the same 3-wire connector as standard rotary servos (power, ground and signal). The difference is that they offer linear motion.
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