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Actuonix “P” series actuators feature an internal feedback potentiometer. They are suited to automatically controlled positioning systems, but they can also be driven manually. The –P actuators have no built in controller, but do provide an analog position feedback signal that can be input to an external controller.

The “P” series lineup can be used as a linear servo by connecting the actuator to an external controller such as the LAC board offered by Actuonix. This control board reads the position signal from the “P” series actuators, compares it with your input control signal then commands the actuator to move via an onboard H-bridge circuit. The LAC allows any one of the following control inputs: Analog 0-3.3V or 4-20mA, or Digital 0-5V PWM, 1-2ms Standard RC, or USB. The RC input effectively transforms your L16 into a linear servo, which is a direct replacement for any common hobby servo used in RC toys and robotics.

Our 4 categories of “P” series feedback actuators are

The PQ12-P Series: Our smallest feedback actuator, the PQ12-P is truly a micro wonder. With its 20mm stroke and 3 gearing options it can provide forces between 2-10lbs and is small enough to fit in a tic tac box

The L12-P Series: Our standard range of feedback units come in 4 stroke lengths (10mm, 30mm,50mm and 100mm) and 3 gearing options for forces between 2-10lbs

The L16-P series: The big brother to the L12 series, the L16’s larger motor is capable of greater loads and faster speeds than the L12-P series, The L16-P is available in 3 gearing options (50mm, 100mm and 140mm) and 3 gearing options for forces between 10-40lbs.

The P16-P Series: Our newest line of feedback actuators, The P16-P features a planetary drive for greater forces and higher duty cycle applications. Available in 4 stroke lengths (50mm, 100mm, 150mm and 200mm) and 3 gearing options for forces between 10-60lbs

The T16-P series: Our new line of track actuators based on the popular P16 series. The track design makes the T16 significantly shorter than the same stroke length P16, since instead of an extending shaft, a sliding mount is provided. The sliding mount also significantly increases the maximum side load specification.

Available in 3 stroke lengths (100mm, 200mm and 300mm) and 3 gearing options for forces between 10-60lbs.