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200mm (7 7/8 inch) Stroke Actuators

Below is our selection of 200mm (7 7/8 inch) stroke linear actuators. We offer a 200mm stroke in our P16 and T16 product lines. The P16 is a rod actuator that features a powerful side by side design and is well suited to projects with higher force requirements. The T16 is our line of track actuators. The T16 is based on the P16 platform but offers the advantages that come with a track actuator such as higher side-load tolerance and requires less space for mounting. These actuators are available in an "S" or "P" control option. "S" series linear actuators are controlled via reversing polarity on the device's 2 wires. "P" series actuators offer position feedback and are designed to be used with our linear actuator control board. This board allows you to adjust speed, stroke end-limits and sensitivity.

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