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Limit Switched Actuators

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Actuonix S-series actuators have limit switches that will turn off power to the motor when the actuator reaches within 0.5mm of the end of stroke. They are easily operated simply by reversing polarity and can be used with a DPDT switch, relay, brushed reversible speed controller, the Actuonix Wireless Remote Control or our Timer Relay. A favorite of hobbyists and auto customizers.

Our 5 categories of S-series limit switched actuators are:

PQ12-S Series

Our smallest limit switched actuator, the PQ12-S is truly a micro wonder. With its 20mm stroke and 3 gearing options it can provide forces between 2-10lbs and is small enough to fit in a tic tac box!

L12-S Series

Our standard range of limit switched actuators come in 4 stroke lengths (10mm, 30mm, 50mm and 100mm) and 3 gearing options for forces between 2-10lbs.

L16-S Series

The big brother to the L12 series, the L16’s larger motor is capable of greater loads and faster speeds than the L12-S series, The L16-S is available in 3 gearing options (50mm, 100mm and 140mm) and 3 gearing options for forces between 10-40lbs.

P16-S Series

The P16-S features a planetary drive for greater forces and higher duty cycle applications. Available in 4 stroke lengths (50mm, 100mm, 150mm and 200mm) and 3 gearing options for forces between 10-60lbs.

T16-S Series

Our new line of track actuators based on the popular P16 series. The track design makes the T16 significantly shorter than the same stroke length P16, since instead of an extending shaft, a sliding mount is provided. The sliding mount also significantly increases the maximum side load specification. Available in 3 stroke lengths (100mm, 200mm and 300mm) and 3 gearing options for forces between 10-60lbs.