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Product Datasheets and 3D Files

Below you will find links to all of Actuonix Motion Devices available documentation and downloads for our actuators, controllers and accessories. These are the most up to date copies.

L12 Series Actuator Datasheet: Actuonix L12 Datasheet
L12 Series 3D Models (IGES) 10, 30, 50 and 100mm: L12 3D Models (IGES)
L12 Series 3D Models (STP):
L12 3D Model (STP)

L16 Series Actuators Datasheet: Actuonix L16 Datasheet
L16 Series 3D Models (IGES) 50,100 and 140mm: L16 3D Files (IGES)

L16 Series 3D Models (STP): L16 3D Model (STP)

PQ12 Series Actuator Datasheet: Actuonix PQ12 Datasheet
PQ12 Series 3D Model (IGES): PQ-12 3D Files (IGES)

PQ12 Series 3D Model (STP): PQ12 Series 3D model (STP)

PQ12 Series Actuator Revision Datasheet:
Actuonix PQ12 Revision
PQ12 Series Actuator Revision Engineering Change Notice:
PQ12 Series 3D Model (STP):
PQ12 Series 3D Model

P16 Series Actuator Datasheet: P16 Datasheet
P16 Series 3D Model (IGES):
P16 Series 3D Model (STP):
P16 Series 3D Model (STP)

T16 Series Datasheet: T16 Series Datasheet
T16 Series 3D Model (IGES):
T16 Series 3D Model (IGES)
T16 Series 3D Model (STP):
T16 Series 3D Model (STP)

S20 Series Datasheet: S20 Stepper Datasheet:
S20 Series 3D Model (STP): S20 Series 3D model (STP)

NXT Actuators Mindstorms Block:L12 Actuator Mindstorms Block
NXT Library: NXT Library
L12-EV3 block can be downloaded from:
L12-EV3 Block
LDraw Models for NXT/EV3 by Philo:

LAC Controller Datasheet: Actuonix LAC Datasheet
LAC Advanced Configuration and Windows Programs Guide: Actuonix LAC Advanced Configuration Guide
LAC Software: LAC Software
LabView Examples:
Actuonix LAC LabView Examples
C++ Examples: LAC Visual C++ Example
LAC Guide for connecting Firgelli Auto FA-PO actuators:
Servo Actuator Quick Start

IOT Servo Shield Datasheet:
IOT Servo Shield Datasheet

Accessory Summary PDF:
Actuonix Accessories Datasheet

DPDT Relay: Actuonix DPDT Relay Datasheet
DPDT Switch: Actuonix DPDT Switch Datasheet
DPDT Button:
Actuonix DPDT Button Datasheet
Limit Switch Datasheet:
Actuonix Limit Switch Datasheet

Position Indicator: Actuonix Position Indicator Datasheet

Remote Control Datasheet: Actuonix Wireless Remote Control Datasheet

Timer Relay Datasheet: Actuonix Timer Relay Datasheet

Slide Rails Datasheet:
Actuonix Slide Rails Datasheet

Technical Definitions:
Actuonix Technical Definitions