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Driving Linear Servos with Arduino

Below you will find links to some tutorials and basic information on how to drive our -R or -I series linear servos with
an Arduino board. Please note that Actuonix Motion Devices does not provide support for Arduino. We have compiled a few how-to's below that should be helpful when getting started. We recommend you join a forum where Arduino enthusiasts hang out such as the Trossen Robotics Forum. There are several other good ones around as well.
Below are some resources for you to start with.

Utopia Mechanicus

David Pankhurst of
Utopia Mechanicus has written a great review on using Actuonix "R" series linear servos with Arduino. David is a local tech writer, Arduino instructor and guru.
You can check out his article here.

We put together a brief video showing how simple it is to control an actuator via Arduino and a photocell