At Actuonix, we take pride in producing inexpensive linear actuators that are built to a high standard of quality. Our low-cost line of micro linear actuators is the result of years of product development and incremental improvement. 
Unlike some linear actuator companies, we don't buy our products from mass-manufacturers and re-brand them. We design every product from scratch, build and test prototypes and adjust our designs over and over to make sure that by the time our products reach the customer, they're going to get the job done.
Actuators aren't an investment that you make at the drop of a hat. It takes time and effort to find affordable linear actuators that meet a high standard of quality and can stand the test of time. At Actuonix Motion Devices, every single actuator that we sell is thoroughly tested before leaving our facility. We do this so that we can maintain a high standard of product quality, while still producing the cheapest linear actuators on the market.
If you want even more ways to save money on your next purchase of linear actuators, there are a few ideas listed below.

How To Get Cheap Actuators

1. Buy in bulk

Everybody knows that buying in bulk is one of the best ways to get a discount. Linear actuators are no exception. At Actuonix, we're pleased to be able to offer bulk pricing to customers that order our products in quantities of ten or more.
If your business is in the market for actuators, consider amalgamating several product purchases into one.  The more actuators that you buy per transaction, the greater discount we can offer you. We're also willing to work with you to further reduce your cost by bulk-packaging your actuators and/or not shipping you items that you may not use such as the mounting hardware kit that comes standard with all of our products.

2. Student Discounts Are Available

College and university students may be eligible for an educational discount on Actuonix products. This discount is available on orders that are shipped to an educational facility. Providing engineering students with affordable linear actuators is just one way that Actuonix is committed to giving back to the engineering community. Students in other programs maybe eligible for discounts as well.

3. FIRST Robotics Team

Did you know that Actuonix linear servos are permitted for use in FRC builds? You can use our devices in this year's robot build. And as a FIRST Robotics team, you're eligible for a discount on our products. You can contact our sales department for more information.

4. Become Part Of Our Build Team 

Over the last 13 years in business, Actuonix has sponsored dozens of projects from all around the world. We sponsor a variety of projects including unique robotics, RC and Arduino builds. If you're interested in having your next project considered for sponsorship by Actuonix, reach out to us at marketing@actuonix(dot)com

Frankly, when it comes to cheap linear actuators, there's just not much out there. There are several companies selling products that they've bought wholesale from companies like Alibaba and re branded. You never know what you're going to get with that type of product, and neither does the seller, because they didn't design and build it.
When you buy a low-cost micro linear actuator from Actuonix, you're getting a device that was imagined, designed, prototyped, tested and improved upon by our in-house team of engineers right here in Western Canada. In addition, you're getting a company with more than a decade of experience delivering reliable, affordable motion devices. Don't settle for less, install Actuonix in your next project.