How To Connect A Linear Actuator To A DPDT Switch

Wiring Your Actuator to a DPDT Switch

When you have selected an actuator switch that works for your application, you're ready to start wiring it to your actuator. Wiring an actuator to a DPDT switch is fairly straight forward and will only take you a few minutes. Follow the instructions below exactly to ensure that your switch is correctly wired. Below is a diagram showing you exactly how to wire up your actuator to a DPDT rocker switch. 

If you choose to use our lighted push-button switch rather than the rocker, the wiring is almost exactly the same. The terminals have different designations and the switch is round rather than rectangular. I have included the diagram for wiring the push button below.


This is a very short article, as there's not much to wiring an actuator to a DPDT switch. If you're looking for a different input type, be assured that Actuonix has a solution for you. We have a variety of different input options available across our actuator lines including:

  • RC Servo Control
  • PLC Control (L12 I Series only)
  • PWM Control (P-Series with LAC Board)
  • 0-3.3V Control (P-Series with LAC Board)
  • 4-20mA Control (P-Series with LAC Board)

If you have further questions about our products, feel free to reach out to [email protected] for a prompt reply.

Common Questions

Can I run multiple actuators off of one switch?

Possibly, but you have to ensure that the switch you're using is rated for the combined load of the actuators you're going to control with it.

Can I adjust the stroke when using a DPDT switch?

Yes, this is possible by using an external limit switch kit.

Can I use any of your actuators with a DPDT switch?

All of our product lines come in a S-Series and can be used with DPDT switch with the exception of our S20 and T20 stepper actuators.

What can I use as a power supply?

Any source of 12V (or 6V, depending on the actuator model you choose) DC power will do the trick. We sell power supplies here on our site that are ideal for use with our actuators.

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