Updated for 2022!

Do you need a custom linear actuator for your next product or project? Actuonix Motion Devices can help. We pride ourselves on manufacturing the largest selection of affordable micro actuators available. Even still, we regularly get requests from customers who require a custom actuation solution that is outside of our regular range of products.

If your applications parameters dictate a custom actuator configuration, no problem. Our team of in-house engineers can work with you to customize a product that will suit your needs.

Custom Linear Actuators That Meet YOUR Specifications

At Actuonix, we manufacture all of our products. Unlike some of our competitors, our team of engineers designs every piece of our actuators from our headquarters in Western Canada. Because we control the entire production process, we can alter our designs to suit your needs.

Do Custom Electric Actuators Require A Minimum Order Quantity?

Yes, we require a minimum MOQ of 500 for basic actuator modifications. The MOQ may be more or less depending on what your particular needs are. Below are some examples of customizations that we can produce with a minimum order quantity of 500 units.

Change Electrical Connector

There are many different styles of connectors out there. If you're ordering a large number of actuators for your design, it might be worth having us customize a cable for you, rather than adapting your project to match the cables that we install on stock actuators.

Installing a custom linear actuator cable to match what's already available on your device will save you time and money.

Longer Or Shorter Connection Wire

Not only can we change the cable, we can also customize the length of the cable. Whether you want your cables to be 5 inches or 50 inches, we can work with you to produce a custom cable that will work for your application.

Combining a custom cable length with a custom plug can make the motion component of your design much easier to manage.

Modifying Limit Switch Position

Our internal limit switches are non-adjustable on stock actuators. That said, there are other ways to limit the stroke of your actuator that might work for you. These include using an LAC board, an external limit switch kit, or controlling your actuators via arduino.

If your requirements meet our minimum order quanitity and you want to limit the stroke without the use of external switches or an LAC board, talk to our sales team about modifying a stock product to your specifications. We can have the limit switch position modified at our factory.

Shortening Actuator Stroke 

If simply limiting actuator travel wouldn't work for you, and you need a device with a physically shorter stroke than what we offer, we can do that as well.

We have done this type of actuator customization for many customers in the past and know the process inside and out. 

Custom Rod End Attachments

All of our micro linear actuators (with the exception of our NXT and T16 lines) come with the stock clevis end tip. You will also find a threaded end tip inside the included hardware kit. Most of our clients are able to make one of these tips work for them. If however, you require a different means of attachment, we can work with you to design an end tip that will integrate seamlessly into your design.

If you don't require a large enough quantity for custom actuator production, you can manufacture your own end tips to suit your needs.

The internal thread on the shaft is M8 x 1.25.

Fitting A Motor/Gearbox With A Custom Gear Ratio

Do you need a custom speed or force spec that is not available in our stock products?

Though our line of electric actuators comes with a variety of gearing options, there are others available. We can work with our motor supplier to provide actuators with a custom gear ratio to better suit your force and speed requirements.

Changing Lubricants To Facilitate Low-Temp Operation

If you are planning on operating our miniature actuators in an extreme environment, you may need to order devices with a custom gear oil to facilitate low-temperature operations. The stock gear oil works well in a wide range of temperatures but can become too thick when subjected to extremely low temperatures.

In addition to the linear actuator customizations mentioned above, we can make more significant design alterations up to and including designing a different clamshell, or an entirely new product. The minimum order quantity for major customizations begins at 2000 units.

If you're looking for an affordable custom actuator for your next product design, you're in the right place. Nobody can match Actuonix's selection of actuators. And if none of our 168 stock models work for your application, we can design something within your budget that will.

We want to you get the right micro linear actuator for your needs, at the an affordable price. That's why we included a complete mounting hardware kit with every actuator we sell. Other companies charge $8-10 for just the hardware kit. 

Contact us today to learn more about our custom linear actuator solutions.