As you likely know, linear actuators are devices that convert the rotary motion of an electric motor into linear motion. With the rise of robotics and automation, linear actuators have become an important component in a variety applications in dozens of industries. Actuonix is the industry leader in reliable, cost-effective micro actuators. Today I want to walk you through how our we produce our micro actuators.


Our actuators are designed by our team of engineers right here on the West Coast of Canada. We design the actuators, source parts and then build prototypes that undergo rigorous testing in our lab. Modifications are made and tested to ensure that our end product is the best that it can be. Sometimes it takes months or years to get the right design and combination of components to make a new actuator just right. We refuse to release a new product that doesn’t meet our quality standards.

Component Selection

One of the main advantages of manufacturing our actuators, rather than rebranding an existing product, is that we have control over every single component within. From the electric motor/gearbox unit, to the drive screw and circuit board, we source every part based on consistency and quality. We regularly test new components while searching for ways to make our actuators more powerful, and longer lasting.

This is an advantage that companies reselling an existing product don’t have. There is a lower standard of quality and less control if you’re not sourcing and testing each component yourself.

Manufacturing Process

Once we are confident that a new product meets our standards for quality and lifespan, we are ready to begin manufacturing. All of our actuators are assembled to our specs in our modern manufacturing facility. Once assembled, they are sent to our distribution center for final testing and shipping.


Many component manufacturers test a few products from a batch. While this method may give a feel for the overall quality of a batch of products, it doesn’t eliminate the possibility of a customer receiving a DOA unit, and we don't think that's good enough.

Our team tests every single actuator before it leaves our facility. That’s the only way for us to be 100% sure that your actuator performs to the specifications listed on our data sheet. If it doesn’t pass muster, it doesn’t ship. It’s as simple as that.

How Are We Different?

At Actuonix, we differentiate ourselves from our competitors in a few key ways.

More selection

With nearly 200 different actuators, we are confident that we have the largest product offering available in our industry.


As mentioned above, we test every single actuator that we ship out before it leaves


We offer a 180day warranty to ensure that you will be satisfied with your actuators performance.

Bulk Discounts

In addition to our competitive pricing, we also offer quantity discounts on actuators starting at just ten units.

We Give Back

We are always looking for interesting projects to sponsor within FIRST Robotics as well as high school, college and university build teams. We have sponsored dozens of interesting projects created by aspiring engineers over the years.

At Actuonix,  we are proud to be a leading manufacturer of micro actuators for nearly two decades. We provide top-notch customer service and will support through the selection and purchasing of your actuators, and after you have received your product. If you are interested to learn more about our massive selection of micro actuators, check out our store here.

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