Stepper Motor Actuators - What Are They And How Do They Work?

What is a stepper motor actuator?

You're likely familiar with linear actuators, which use a rotary motor to produce motion in a straight line. Standard actuators are powered by a brushed DC motor. A stepper motor actuator is functionally similar to a standard linear actuator, but the drive motor, rather than a standard DC motor, is a stepper-style motor. 

A stepper motor is a type of electric motor that operates on a pulsed current. The full rotation of the motor is divided into a number of 'steps'. Stepper motors are much more precise than standard electric motors as they can be commanded to turn and stop at any of the steps around its rotation.

Why use a stepper motor actuator?

Stepper motor actuators are more complicated than standard DC actuators and require a stepper controller to drive the motor. Generally, stepper motors are used in applications that require high-precision and low force. If you require very precise movement and are not as concerned with force, than a stepper motor actuator may be the best choice for your application.

Actuonix stepper actuators    

In recent years, we have seen an increasing demand for actuators with a higher accuracy than our standard models can achieve. While different brands have offered stepper actuators for some time, they tend to be high-cost, high volume products that are less accessible to product developers, entrepreneurs and OEMs. 

We saw that there was room in the market for a highly-accurate actuator that could be shipped within a day and wouldn't break the bank. This is why we designed the S8 and more recently, the P8 stepper lines. 

The S20 is based on our popular L12 actuator. Similar in appearance, we have replaced the L12 DC motor and gearbox assembly with a NEMA 8 stepper motor.

Our newest stepper line, the P8 is an entirely new design from the ground up. With a body that is slightly smaller than our PQ12, it is our most compact actuator. We wanted to design a product that would meet the evolving needs of OEMs and product designers. 

Why choose Actuonix stepper actuators?

We take pride in the development of high-quality products that are cost-effective. We test every single actuator we sell before it leaves our facility and that helps us keep our quality and customer satisfaction high. If it doesn't meet our standards for quality, we don't ship it. It's that simple.

Our sales staff are available five days per week to assist you with your questions and help you find the right actuator for your next product or project.

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