For years, Actuonix has been providing affordable motion solutions to OEM designers, inventors, builders and hobbyists of all types. We’re proud that our products have been the backbone of some truly amazing projects. From animatronics to RC construction and 3D displays to complex medical devices, prosthetics and automotive applications, our actuators have served a wide range of clients. They’ve even been to space!

We’re always reaching for more. We want to serve more people, be involved in more projects and offer affordable motion solutions to those for whom we haven’t been a fit in the past. When we first started developing actuators over a decade ago, we wanted to offer a solution that would serve the widest range of customers at an affordable price. As this business has grown over the years, we have released new products to appeal to different builders.

One of the main pieces of feedback that we receive from some customers is that they wish we offered a product that offered a higher positioning accuracy than our current offerings.

We hear you. In fact, our new line has been in development for . Our engineers have been hard at work ensuring that our new line is the best it can possibly be. And the best part? As with all of our products, it’s affordable for OEM designers and hobbyists alike.

Introducing the Actuonix S20 line of stepper actuators

We’re proud to announce that our new S20 line of stepper actuators is now officially available in our store!

The S20 is a rod-style actuator that is built off of our popular L12 platform. Unlike our other actuators which use a DC motor and gearbox, the S20 line has a NEMA 8 motor mounted directly to the actuator shaft. The S20 offers high-precision positioning in a very compact package that is ideal for mounting in tight spaces.

The S20 is available in four different stroke lengths: 15mm (0.59"), 30mm (1.18"), 50mm (1.97") and 100mm (3.93") to ensure that we offer a stepper actuator solution that will work with your design

How to drive a stepper actuator

For those who need a means of driving their stepper actuator, we are now offering a TIC T825 Stepper Driver Board by Pololu.

The Pololu Tic family of stepper motor controllers makes it easy to add basic control of a bipolar stepper motor to a variety of projects. These versatile, general-purpose modules support six different control interfaces – USB for direct connection to a computer, TTL serial and I²C for use with a microcontroller, RC hobby servo pulses for use in an RC system, analog voltages for use with a potentiometer or analog joystick, and quadrature encoder for use with a rotary encoder dial – and offer many settings that can be configured using Pololu's free configuration utility (for Windows, Linux, and macOS). This software simplifies initial setup of the device and allows for in-system testing and monitoring of the controller via USB (a micro-B USB cable is required to connect the Tic to a computer).

Still have questions?

If you’re not sure whether or not a stepper actuator is the right choice for you, give us a call! We can help direct you to the best actuator for your project or for incorporating into your product design.