What is the Smallest Linear Actuator?

When searching for ‘World’s Smallest Linear Actuator’ one thing quickly becomes apparent - many companies are claiming to produce the smallest actuator around. There may be a variety of reasons for this. I’ll quickly cover a few of these below.

They're measuring different metrics

A product can be ‘smallest’ in length, stroke, width, height, diameter, mass or a combination of these. You can see how ‘smallest’ is at least somewhat subjective when you look at it this way.

The information is out of date

This is the robotics industry after all. New products come to market every day and reducing size and mass are a major priority for many manufacturers.

They're embellishing

Let’s be real, it happens. There is at least one result on the front page as of this writing that is patently false. It's the internet. You can make whatever claims you want about a product.

In reality, a number of manufacturers produce tiny micro actuators that can be rightfully labeled ‘smallest’ ased on how you're choosing to measure. With that in mind, let’s dig into the smallest micro linear actuators that Actuonix offers. 

All of our actuators are small

Micro actuators are all we do. Everything that we build is considered a micro actuator. We do have two models however, that are the smallest we offer and should be considered for any application where space limitations are a major consideration. 

PQ12 Series

Traditionally our smallest micro actuator. The PQ12 has been around for over a decade and is used by some of the largest companies in the world. It’s tiny size and powerful force make it a standout product in the field. The PQ12 is a unique product designed by Actuonix engineers in our Canadian facility. The body of the device is just 36.5mm long by 21.5mm tall. The PQ12 fits comfortably inside a tic-tac box and we believe that for a time, it was the smallest micro-actuator around. With three control options and three gearing options, the PQ12 is versatile and can be adapted for a variety of applications across various industries. 

P8 Series

The P8 micro actuator is our most recent product launch and brings ‘tiny actuator’ to a whole new level. With the body of the device at just 30mm long by 25mm tall and just 11mm thick, it raises the bar for what a small actuator is capable of. Unlike the PQ12, the P8 comes in a variety of stroke lengths and multiple gearing options. 

Currently, the P8-ST stepper model is available. We also have the P8-S DC motor model with limit switches available in limited quantities. Later this year, we will be releasing the P8-P model with position feedback to round out the P8 line. 

 So, is the P8 the smallest micro actuator in the world? Probably not. That said, it offers a combination of tiny size, stroke, gearing and control options that can not be found anywhere else in the industry. At $70USD, it’s absolutely one of the best value tiny micro actuators available today. 

 Want to check out our smallest micro actuators? Here are the links to our PQ12 and P8 models. If you have any questions about these actuators or any of our other micro actuators, feel free to contact our sales department.